Sports massage for improved CP performance

Long been assumed to be the privilege of the professional sports player, sports massage is often overlooked by many close protection personnel who could benefit from the advantages that this unique therapy has to offer.

Sports massage is a type of massage that focuses not just on rehabilitation but also on injury prevention. It can help keep muscles healthy, improve your range of movement and increase flexibility as well as treat chronic pain and promote healing.

If you are training for a big bodyguard assignment, then sessions of sports massage can be a great way to boost your performance by treating your muscles and tendons to specialist treatment.

A trained sports massage therapist will assess what it is you want to achieve from your sessions and provide a treatment plan which can include any number of therapies, including trigger point therapy, deep muscle massage and taping.

Sports massage can work to help rehabilitation from injury or to provide strengthening exercises to, not only avoid injury but also, improve conditioning and balance within a muscle or group of muscles. The result? Your body is kept in optimum condition so you can spend less time recovering and more time training.

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Our muscles work by expanding and contracting like pumps to move the body. During exercise our muscles can become overstimulated and small bands of muscle can fail to be released from their contracted state and cause nodules. Over time the oxygen around these areas, known as trigger points, can be restricted and waste material builds up causing irritation and pain. The site of these trigger points can also cause referred pain elsewhere in the body which, from the perspective of a standard masseur, can make the causal site be difficult to locate and treat.

Sports masseurs understand the typical patterns of trigger points for close protection operatives who work with London escorts and can treat the correct area with deep massage to release the muscle back into its relaxed state.

What does deep tissue massage do?

In applying deep pressure, a sports massage can alleviate chronic muscle tension and break down scar tissue to increase the range of motion of muscles, tendons and the protective layer (known as fascia) surrounding joints and bones.

Massage of any kind boosts the body’s levels of oxytocin and serotonin which helps reduce stress and stimulate relaxation.

Benefits of taping

It has long been established that taping is an effective way of supporting muscles and joints as well as relieving skin tissue from a site that is inflamed to assist with the body’s lymphatic drainage system. Sports massage can help identify if you need taping during your training regime to help reduce the occurrence of injury.

The benefits of sports massage

Research shows that sports massage helps dilate the blood vessels and improve all round circulation which can help to rid the body of toxins and also deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to your muscles. This will not only help them recover quicker but leave them in prime condition before your next close protection assignment with escorts and their clients in London.